Macleod Netball Club

Please read the following:

  • As names are manually entered there is a slight chance that there may be typos in the final images. There may also be mistakes in the data supplied to me. If you have a query or would like something changed, please contact me directly via text or email only (I won’t be taking phone calls regarding MNC photos) – click on Contact Us above for details. If photos were taken but are missing please also let me know.
  • The pages will automatically change the layout dependent on the number of images, but ALL images are the same size when downloading.
  • I have applied some minor filtering to skin tones and removed some blemishes such as acne. Hopefully no-one is offended by the slight changes I have made – happy to revert the slight adjustments if requested.
  • Some of the team group photos had autofocus issues. Where the player had messy hair, the background removal sometimes misses bits.
  • We will arrange a date to shoot those who missed the first session and also re-shoot the group photos as some of the teams will have changed.
  • All teams are password protected – please do not share the password with anyone outside of Macleod Netball Club.
  • Please remember that I have donated my time, equipment and skills for this project for FREE, so please be kind if you need to make contact. 
  • If you like what I’ve done please like my Facebook page – – Or even better, leave a review.